Al akhawain installed its first processing plant in 1981 , the most advanced computerized processing plant of that era with a capacity of 3000 birds per hour. We built our second processing plant in 1994 to cope up with the market demand for our processed chicken. with capacity of 8000 birds/hr. We built out third slaughter house in 2005 with capacity of 8000 birds per hour. Now we are processing about 150,000 chickens per day, and delivered to market .

All the processing plants were imported from MEYN Holland ,which has a track record for outstanding technology in processing equipments.


We built the first rendering (poultry bi-product plant ) in 1981 to utilize the poultry bi-products from the processing plant to make feed grade animal protein,(poultry offal meal, Feather meal ) with capacity of 25 tonnes per day. A second rendering plant was added in 1995 with capacity of 10 tonnes per day , to process additional slaughter house bi-products.