Feed Mills
Al Akhawain Company erected it’s first Feed Mill in Al-Akharj in 1982 to become self sufficient and to maintain the quality of the Feed Produced A Second Feed mill was added in 1998 due the expansion of our farms .Both Feed mills are fully automated with the latest computerized technology to cope up with the demand in production and quality. The combined capacity of the feed mills are 500 Tones per day.

Akhawain has two premix plants with a capacity of 3 tones per hour.

Akhawain feed mills has 5 pelletting lines with a production capacity of 50 tones per hour.

We have storage silos with capacities of 25,000 Tones of Maize and 2000 Tones of Soya bean meal. on site , and additional capacity of 25,000 tones of Maize and 5,000 Tones of Soya bean in Dammam Port area

The following type of Feeds are produced by our feed mills

Broiler starter , Grower and Finisher feeds Crumbles and Mash
Layer chick starter , and commercial layer feeds
Breeder Starter , Grower , layer and male feeds
Breeder Cage crumbles
Al-Akhawain in house premixes and concentrates( Broiler , Breeder, Layer )